What happens when you strip back your plans

If that overwhelms you, let us show you a different way to do it.

Elope with us.

We offer a ceremony and 2 hours of beautiful photos. That’s it. We don’t try and do styling or floristry, or anything else. We provide the absolute base for what we feel is a special elopement experience. Anything else you add is left in your capable hands and that way it will be meaningful to you.

See, our motto here is Big Love, Little Fuss. We strip back the experience for you to focus on what weddings are really about. A beautiful ceremony to celebrate your love (and photos to trigger your memories of the amazing day and how much fun you had).

Elopement Packages Geelong

When you strip it back, you no longer spend 100 hours on wedding planning. Your budget goes from $30,000-$40,000, to $2,000. Maybe you splurge and buy some new clothes to wear. Maybe some beautiful flowers. Maybe you hire an Airbnb for the ceremony, and you stay a few nights afterwards. Maybe you add a couple of thousand, and feed your 10 guests. But the beauty of an elopement is that you don’t HAVE to.

When you strip back your plans, you naturally focus on what’s important. You might still add a heap of other vendors to our package, but you do so mindfully. You start with the bare minimum (the important stuff), and you add on what you want, with no pressure from Jessie and I.

We aren’t going to tell you that you need a caravan bar to serve cocktails. But do you want one? Coz we think they’re fucking awesome and we love Boutique Event Co who do it so well.

We aren’t going to tell you that you need to wear makeup or get your hair done. But do you want to do it? Coz Hilary Holmes is an empowering, beautiful soul that will add vibrance and soul to your experience. We aren’t going to tell you that you need flowers. But Bridgette from Lustre Blooms creates stunning pieces that will add colour and a pop of natural beauty to the vibe.

So when you strip it back, your priorities become less clouded in ‘we feel like we should have this’, and appear in your head as ‘we would love to include this’.

Celebrant and Photographer Elopement Packages Geelong

Strip it back, folks. Go naked for all we care!

Big love,

Jessie and Jake