The difference between a wedding and an elopement

I used to start all my uni essays with referenced definitions, to immediately give the illusion of research and knowledge. So I’ll do the same here. Here’s what Google tells me:

Wedding – a marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations. Always super duper fun, but the larger scale isn’t necessarily for every couple.

Elopement – a marriage ceremony, without the implication of a large-scale celebration/gathering to follow, typically performed in a meaningful way by Jessie and photographed by Jake, to create a low-fuss, special experience that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Ok, so the definitions there aren’t exactly what was written in the dictionary… we added a lil flayyva to it. If we didn’t make it clear enough, try this on for size:

Weddings are a beautiful exclamation to all your loved ones that you are committing to a life of awesomeness together. Elopements are a whisper in your loved ones’ ear, that you are committed to a life of awesomeness together. Both are amazing ways to celebrate your love. 

That’s the best way we can describe the difference. An enthusiastic shout vs a warm whisper. Both beautiful, and both offering a different experience. We love all celebrations of love – big and small.

This elopement business was founded after I (Jake) heard a few of my couples (on their wedding day) say “We wish we had done this differently, something smaller and simpler”. I felt awful that the introverts out there were pressured into following a formula that people of different personalities had set; for a big wedding with 100+ guests and a massively fun party into the night. It’s a fantastic thing to be a part of, and we both are honoured to be in this wonderful world of weddings – but it’s not for everyone.

Jessie and I are here to say you can do it differently. You can elope with us. A beautiful ceremony + beautiful photographs + excellent company (if you want any, up to 15 guests) + a meaningful location. Keep it a secret if you want – we can provide witnesses. And you can plan to do whatever you bloody well please on your day. Go drinking afterwards. Go home and cook your fave dish together. Meet your friends out for a bar crawl. Go hire an airbnb and get away for awhile. Invite all your mates over for a bbq that night at your joint to celebrate. Go for a bike ride together. Go surfing. Literally anything you want to do, can be your celebration.

If this interests you, we want to hear from you.

Big love,

Jessie and Jake.