So the quick version of this blog post… 

YES, you can still get married during these weird times. YES, we can sort you out with a short and sweet ceremony, and YES Jake can take some beautiful photos for you to remember it by. 

Read on for the slightly (very much but totally interesting) longer version and how we can help!

So. What a f***ing year 2020 has been so far!! We have seen the wedding industry effectively close for the next 6 months, with only bare-minimum elopements allowed to continue if essential. It has all moved so damn fast, and without clear directions from authorities for a while back there, it has been a really unsettling time for us all. Not just a rollercoaster for our couples that were forced to postpone, but for us too. 

We’ve intentionally been a bit quiet throughout all of this, whilst we try to wrap our heads around what this may mean moving forward. We’ve given it a lot of thought. So here we go. 

Something we definitely didn’t want to do is push an elopement style of celebration onto couples in this time – hence our silence. We didn’t want to make ads to the effect of… 

“Has your dream wedding been cancelled?! F*** those plans off, and elope with us so we can make some money in this financially shitty time!! It’s not what you really wanted, but hey, let’s roll with it anyways!”

We just don’t feel comfortable planting the seed of elopements in people’s minds, that are really stressed as they look at their original wedding date slip by. You wanted a wedding for a reason, and we just don’t want to be poaching wedding couples to the elopement way of life (so to speak). 

Elopements are not for everyone, which is precisely why we began this business. We both have our respective ‘wedding’ businesses, which cater to those that love a big celebration with all their people. Elopements are for those looking to keep things loved up and intimate, without the large scale of a wedding. There’s no right and wrong, there’s just two very different ways of celebrating. 

Aaaaaand this brings us to the present. What can we offer people, that both satisfies the experience they are looking for, and allows us to work within the laws and guidelines around COVID-19?

This is our proposal to you – We are back in the game, baby. Woo Yeah! 

You’re all adults, so we’re leaving the weigh-ups to you of a postponed wedding vs elopement vs delayed elopement vs delayed wedding vs every other choice you’re having to make right now. If you want to get married with Jake being one witness, and one other guest present as a second witness, then we would love to make this a reality for you. We’re offering a stripped back ceremony, and a few nice portraits taken at your ceremony place (your front yard for example!) for a reduced price. 

We can also help you arrange a second witness that can record/live-stream the ceremony for you on Zoom. We have industry buddies that specialise in this, which is a great way to have virtual guests at your ceremony. 

If you want to book in a proper photo adventure session (like what is normally included in our packages) then you can lock in a day down the track with Jake to adventure when it’s permitted. We can go down the Great Ocean Road and eat ice cream and see the coastline, or we can go deep in the Otways and you can pack a picnic, or we can go to your favourite beach. It’ll be something really exciting to look for. 

So. Are you interested in getting hitched now, and a few nice photos to remember it by? Send us an enquiry through  our Contact page, and we can talk you through the prices and how it all works. 

Big love to you all,

Jake and Jessie.