Aimee + Pete

It all started in an Airbnb in the dreamy town of Apollo Bay, as they got ready together

Then they had a few drinks with their two best mates

And we couldn't forget their pooch, Maverick

Then we trekked through the forest

We found a nice spot for the ceremony, on the banks of the creek flowing through the reserve

And onions got cut

It started to rain mid-ceremony, but they ditched the umbrellas and embraced the beauty of the elements

We made it legit

And Maverick had the best day of his life too

We got beautiful photos

In this beautiful location

We hung with friends some more

And Maverick continued living his best life

We sang and danced through the rainforest

We danced like Russell Coight, and had a blast

And we couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces